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Pros And Cons Of Social Media!

Pros And Cons Of Social Media!

These days social media is affecting in every aspect of our lives and business It's crazy that we get easily carried away on social media with the attention and interactions Social media has brought some very important positive effects in many areas such as employment and empowering, connecting sharing their minds and much more however at the same time, it also becomes the breeding ground for some destructive and unhealthy behaviors.

How to improve your website for better Google ranking!!

How to improve your website for better Google ranking!!

One of the most important tools that can help you to reach recognition is SEO and improve Google ranking.. It is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, of which Google is the most important. During their searches, users type in words or phrases that allow them to find what they want. Your goal is to have the best ranking possible, or, in other words, to be at the top of the list in order to make it easier for potential customers to find you. You can influence on this in several ways: basic adjustments, advanced techniques, and paid advertising.

Pinterest - Know Your Social Media!

Pinterest - Know Your Social Media!

Pinterest is free to use and it requires registration. Once you became user, you can upload, save, manage, delete and sort your pins (images) as well as videos, making your own pinboards (collections). Pinboards are usually organized by a common theme.

You can browse the pinboards of other users in their feed, and save those you like on your own board using the ‘Pin It’ button. With this button you can upload pictures outside of this network too, adding them to your board. With pinning items, creating pinboards and communicating with other users by sending and receiving pins, you can personalize your own ‘Pin feed’.

How to increase your SERP with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

How to increase your Search Engine Ranking Position with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

Are your social efforts aligned, does social media impact SEO? This is a common question among marketers and most are not clear regarding the SEO impact on the social media.

Having a popular website alone is not enough; basically it should have good contents. Nevertheless, if you expect better search engine results, there is a need to consider social media impact and influence.

Earlier SEO revolved around using right keywords and the authoritative sites linking your contents through the links. However, with the emergence of social media, everything has changed. Now search engines incorporate social signals such as Google Plus, Twitter Tweets, Facebook comments or likes, Instagram likes and so on to inform search results. Thus the social media has become critical for seo.

Instagram Update And Makeover

Colorful Instagram

Well, Instagram is the most popular app in the world, with over 80 million pictures uploaded every single day. And they are trying and succeeding in keeping it fresh and interesting. With every new update, they bring more filters, different looks and easier functions. They are also bringing new apps with different options compatible with ‘mother-app’ Instagram.

7 Steps To Have More YouTube Subscribers!

YouTube Subscribe

All viral videos started with a subscriber. So what is a subscriber and how is it important?

A YouTube subscriber is a viewer who had chosen to follow your videos in YouTube. They watch, share and comment on videos that you post. By having a good subscriber base, it will be easier for you advertise your channel. And to do so, there are certain principles that you need to follow.

Top 5 Reasons For Using Like4Like.org!

Like4Like Logo

Before I give my 5 reasons for being a satisfied Like4Like community member, I would like to point out that I have been using services provided by this, and similar websites for almost five years now, both for personal and professional needs. I used the services as a SEO tool for both my own and client sites, but also as an addition to my Internet arsenal, a backup number during advertising campaigns that spanned multiple social networks. Sometimes I would have the time to earn credits, and sometimes I would find myself in a “here and now” situation, buying the available credit packages. Apart from a few social networks I never use, I think I have tried almost all of the available features. When I sat down to write this text, I thought of more than 5 reasons, so I tried to combine all of them into the following five.

How To Respond To A Negative Comments On Social Media?

Turn A Negative Into A Positive

Everyone, in one way or another, encountered with negative comments on Social Networks. Whether on a personal profile, artistic or online business Page, from time to time it happens that someone writes a negative comment on your posts, images, videos, products (etc.). Sometimes it's a constructive suggestion that should be taken into consideration. Then there are those abusive comments (abusive and negative are not the same thing), we suggest that those type of comments you report and / or delete it.

YouTube Aggressive Cleaning!

YouTube Sad Face

YouTube started to delete Views, Likes and Subscribers. It was announced on June 2014, but the ‘real cleaning’ started on September 2015. By the ‘real cleaning’ we refer to developed automated system for removing Views and Likes from your Video or Subscribers from your Channel.

Their claim is that only closed or fake accounts will be affected, but that is only partial true, because, also inactive accounts will be deleted from your Subscribers. We agree that closed account, deleted account, account no longer in use and fake accounts should be deleted. But what are those inactive accounts?

Online Networking Adventures

Social Commenting Cloud

The best thing about online networking is that you have admittance to everybody and anybody around the world. The greater part of this without notwithstanding needing to venture out you could call your own home to do it. Isn't that awesome? Everything you need is your dependable PC and quick and solid association with the Internet. Utilizing such assets permits you to have virtual access to a boundless number of systems everywhere throughout the world. In the event that your objective is this, then you most likely need to branch out to various types of social stages to acquire gathering of people.

Instagram - Know Your Social Media

Instagram Logo

Instagram was developed by Facebook in order to provide their users with another option of sharing content across the social media. Instagram is an online mobile social platform, primarily intended for sharing of photos and videos that you’ve just made moments before.

This makes it a dynamic and popular network. After you take a picture or make a video, you can use various tools and filters to customize them. When you upload a photo or a video to Instagram, you’re just a click away from sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, or sending it directly to your friends as a private message.

YouTube Can Help You Rank Higher!

New YouTube Strategy

In this era of technological advancement, many businesses have adopted new and improved strategies in marketing their products and services using the Internet. One way of promoting their businesses is through YouTube marketing.

YouTube is the second largest search engine and the third most visited website in the cyber world after Google and Facebook respectively. Generally, marketing through this channel helps companies in gaining higher page rankings for their websites which in effect, increases the target market's awareness of their products and services.

New Facebook Likes Strategy - Exchange Facebook Post, Video and Photo Likes!

New Facebook Strategy

There is no real statistical data that shows that the new Facebook Policy made any affect to the Facebook Overall Ranking. However, our tests show that there are no missing likes from the Facebook Posts, and because of that, we encourage our members to submit Facebook Posts, Videos and Photos at our Facebook Like exchange feature, as they are not affected by this Policy. Nobody knows if Facebook will change its Policy in the future, but for now... Exchanging Facebook Likes with the real people is still the best strategy for improving you Overall Facebook Rank.

Facebook Likes "Aggressive Cleaning"

Facebook Will Remove Inactive Likes

Facebook has changed its Policies regarding the Facebook Like Count... The changes affect all Facebook users, starting from March 2015...

The loss of Facebook Likes, you may have been experiencing, is not because there are to much fake Likes on your Pages, but because Facebook is using their new statistical strategy to minimize facebook like numbers to be more "meaninfull". People who never used Social Media Exchange Community Websites, or any other Social Boosting websites, are experiencing the same issues.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter!

Twitter Logo

Twitter was originally an internal service for employees of Odeo but entered into the public domain in July 2006. By 2007 early adopters and tech bloggers had started to use Twitter, and the service has grown every year since then. In 2009 it benefited from the Oprah Effect, hitting the mainstream in a big, bad way.

However, despite now boasting more than 200 million active followers, Twitter is lagging a long way behind Facebook and its userbase of 1 billion-plus. Those who haven't yet succumbed to the lure of Twitter seem unlikely to ever do so, and they're missing out on an exciting and intoxicating experience. Which is a crying shame.

How to Become Famous on Twitter!

Become Twitter Famous

Twitter has taken over the world. What was once a simple social network for sharing short, snippets of text with others has become interwoven in all facets of our lives.

Hashtags are nearly impossible to avoid in this day and age. Unfortunately, we live in a time where people can become famous from doing essentially nothing less than writing tweets others deem interesting, comical, inspiring, or a bevy of other adjectives we could rattle off.

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing!

Twitter Police Bird

Leveraging the power of content and social media marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way. But getting started without any previous experience or insight could be challenging.

It is vital that you understand social media marketing fundamentals. From maximizing quality to increasing your online entry points, abiding by these 10 laws will help build a foundation that will serve your customers, your brand and - perhaps most importantly - your bottom line.

Can Facebook Get Free Or Cheap Internet Access!

Free Internet

The initiative's goal is to bring Internet access to the rest of the world, amongst other related purposes. While Facebook stands to benefit immensely if a few billion more people join, they also get to be known as the champion that got the whole world connected. This shows Zuckerberg's growth as a benefactor. In fact, towards the Internet Organisation initiative, Facebook announced that they have spent $19B on buying WhatsApp, makers of the popular messaging app of the same name. How does that factor in?

How To Become Famous On Instagram!

Instagram Photo Wiever

Landing on the popular page of Instagram requires for your photos to get many likes. But how can you accomplish it?

There are more than 100 million users of this online photo sharing service. With that scale, you can really say that it will give your business or personal brand a boost.

But there is no magic to achieve higher rankings. Fortunately, there are ways that you can do to build an audience and establish a name in this community.

Rank Correlation Analytics!

Rank Correlation Analytics

Ranking Factors – Rank Correlation study deals with the definition and evaluation of factors that differentiate better-positioned websites from pages placed further back in the organic search results – i.e.: pages that have a positive rank correlation.

What do web pages that are well positioned by Google have in common and what distinguishes them from lower ranking pages?

Why is Social Media critical to your SEO?!

Social Media Shout

Once upon a time, "the old SEO" ruled the website marketing world. This was during the early, pioneering days of online marketing. The days when it was not typical for a small business to have a website. The old SEO strategy centered around one primary factor: Link Building.

Social Media Marketing 101!

Social Media Marketing

Do you want to increase your brand awareness and attract ideal clients with skyrocket website traffic? Have a look at the 7 basic social media marketing process that will help you to grow your business effectively.

  • Intention
  • Niche
  • Show your passion
  • What to post?
  • Leverage
  • Engagement
  • Consistency is vital

How To Get The Most Out Of Social Media?

Most Suitable Media Types

The aim of social media is to facilitate brand awareness and develop your brand's personality. To do this you need to enter into meaningful conversations with your would-be customers, but before you can hold meaningful conversations you need to produce content that engages your followers. This article provides you with 10 tips that will allow you to get the most out of your social media investment.

Like4Like.org - Internet security, privacy, and protection!

Secure And Encrypted Data

Website Security

Like4Like.org is one of the most secure website on the Internet today... Our databases are encrypted, our connections secure, and we perform regular checkup of our database, and hacker attacks...

We are DOS protected, Firewalled, Load Balanced, and Cached on multiple servers across the Globe... We take Internet security very seriously, and we are doing as much as we can to prevent any inconveniences our community members can encounter... :)


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