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Get Free Odnoklassniki (OK.ru) Joins

OK.ru is the Odnoklassniki social network official app. This is a Russian social network identical to Facebook, mainly used in the ex-soviet republics such as Moldavia, Armenia and Georgia. OK.ru allows free OK.ru joins and you can enjoy uploading pictures and videos, publish on others walls, chat with other users, in fact enjoy same Facebook experience.

OK.ru is available only in Russia and is of paramount use to have contacts or friends in Russia and its satellite countries. Here you can find other people’s upload contents easily. free Odnoklassniki joins is appreciated for its:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Latest and extended functionality

Application Features

The OK.ru has interesting features such as the application does not ask your data each time. Moreover, the registration is only a three-step process. On registering, you have the access to enjoy full functionality and you can search your old and new friends, relatives, chat, share and exchange photos, comment and rate your friends, change status and a lot more.

Key Features a quick glance:

  • Upload ability and photos edit
  • Free calls
  • Upload ability and watch video
  • Listen to music
  • Comment on posts, join groups
  • Add and Search friends
  • Easy chat

OK.ru description

OK.ru is same as Facebook is now well known. It offers a customizable profile allowing you to upload videos and pictures. The design is a toolbar on the left side of the screen allowing the user to access group pages or a robust music section, and also other Odnoklassniki parts. One thing is true, that though the language lists as English, many of the app parts are in Russian.

Clicking download takes you to the iTunes App Store and from here you may download Ok.ru app and install it. Get Free OK.ru joins with Like4Like.org. It has a large user base, the design is intuitive and there are minimal ads. This is the right place to find exciting and interesting features with OK.ru app:

  • Stay in touch with your near and dear
  • Contact your friends cost-free
  • Watch or load trending videos
  • Discover your friends musical tastes and listen to your favorite music
  • Share emotions through various gifts
  • Stay updated with your groups and enjoy participating in discussions
  • Rate photos, play games, receive rewards, comment on topics and posts

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