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Once the champion of the social networking masses, MySpace has gone through many changes throughout its years as a social network. While MySpace is a great social network with a lot of bells and whistles, its pop culture roots limit its viability for many organizations.

MySpace is a social networking, combined with various other platforms and sub-sections - in this case video, comedy, celebrity, music, urban, schools (universities). It also offers apps, blogging, forums and friend-findings functions, as well as games, instant messaging and mobile content. Users create profile pages and design their own pages - from background, colors and fonts to soundtrack (you can embed a music-player on your page). They connect with each other and keep up-to-date with whichever sections of the site interest them.

Who uses MySpace?

  1. Users: over million per month, international
  2. Age and industry: majority are late teens and early twenties. As such, most users 'careers' have yet to be defined, but music and fashion have by far the greatest presence

Why would I want that?

  • Targeting people in their late teens and early twenties.
  • Positioning a brand or product as 'cool' (if you can do it right).
  • Viral spread of video or cult-status of a product among young people.
  • Researching youth trends.
  • Well suited to music and fashion businesses.
  • Opening up dialogue with young people.

Businesses that primarily benefit from using MySpace include non-profits and charities, social awareness groups, social media groups, companies geared towards teens and college students, and fashion music companies. While there are likely other businesses that might also have a place on MySpace (such as advertising agencies or talent agencies), the crowd that MySpace generally draws is not the same crowd one would expect from Linkedin. As a technology trend, social networks and software are able to provide tools to companies seeking customizations on social networks such as free Instagram followers, free TikTok likes, free Twitter followers, free YouTube subscribers, and free TikTok followers.

Social Networking through MySpace for all business industries, does it works?

While MySpace is a great social network tool to promote organizations from multiple industries, it is not a right fit for many professional groups. The key concern with MySpace when used by businesses is that its origins are pop-culture-based and have a i relationship to videos and music. While MySpace has a competitively populated user base and ever-improving tools and functionality, it is difficult to size up to social networks like Facebook that have origins based on college student and alumni-exclusivity.

But that does not mean that MySpace is not a great tool for other promotional purposes related to business. It is simply a matter of getting around the not-so-business-friendly signup process.

MySpace has quite a few great modules that are geared toward individuals, but businesses can also implement their own modules. The music and entertainment industries are a shoe-in to use MySpace, but there are some stretches that would be relative to the business itself, such as information technology firms, advertising firms, educational institutions, etc.

Some of the features that MySpace provides the ability to include a link back to the company website and advertise events on the MySpace homepage calendar. There is also a high degree of customization possible using MySpace, which allows companies to create profiles that match with the look and feel of the official website.

Options to creating a company profile on MySpace

Create a profile for the company head or someone who is similar to a spokesperson for the company (it could even be a company mascot of sorts). The only trick is ensuring a separation of the personal identity of the individual with the way in which they represent the organization through MySpace.


The main goal of any SEO program is to get high positions for MySpace URLs in web search results. This is accomplished by three main, ordered steps:

  1. Make sure your URLs are being indexed.
  2. Make sure the URLs that are indexed are appearing for the terms that should trigger them
  3. Do what you can (the optimization part) to get those results moved to page 1 (or up the rank on page 1)
  • On‐Page factors that increase relevancy for search engine algorithms
  • Number and quality of inbound links to the page

How You Can Improve Your Page

Improve Your SEO

On Page Content

  • Use most common keyword (movie title, band name, artist name) as the profile display name.
  • Try not to use Roman Numerals, long official names, or uncommon abbreviations. Use a common form that most people would type to search to find your site. For Example, 'XMen 3' gets about 10 times more search traffic than ''X‐men The Last Stand'' and ''X‐men III'' combined.
  • Use plain text in profile, search engines cannot see text within an image, bios and descriptions must be in plain html text.
  • Try as much descriptive relevant text as possible on the profile, 400+ words is ideal, even more content is better.
  • Provide unique content. Do not use a stock promotional bio or description that is already placed on every other website. Personalize the profile content for MySpace.
  • Use other variations of the main keyword and related words within the profile content nicknames, acronyms, related words, common alternate names, actors, actresses, and musician names). Many users will search for these terms as well.

Linking & Link Building

  • Add an exclusive video, screenshot, or interview. If the MySpace page is the only source, many other sites and blogs will create links to the profile. These links will not only provide natural traffic from clicks, the links will count as votes to help the MySpace profile rank in the search engines.
  • Link as much as possible to your MySpace profile/channel on your website(s) – this will improve relevance to your MySpace page in searches. Create html text links from the official site, partners, or fan sites to your MySpace profile.
  • Preferably using the most common movie name as anchor text.
  • Do not use javascript, flash, or an image as the link.
  • Link to your vanity URL with the main keyword as anchor text.
  • In addition to ranking on its own, if you have other MySpace links on your page, ensure a higher ranking by using Like4Like. Your page gets credit for this link improving your organic search ranking.
  • Always link to your local country subdomain for any profile. This will help them rank in your local search engine, since they like to favour local content e.g. uk.myspace.com.

What Not to Do

  • Don't place all the content on the page in images or flash. Search engines use the text on a page to determine its relevance which directly results in high rankings. Search engines cannot read text that is in an image, flash, or javascript.
  • In order to rank for a keyword like 'music', this phrase must appear directly on the page, not in an image.
  • Don't link to the profile page with the generic link text like 'Click Here' or 'View More'.
  • Don't hide content using invisible text, tiny text or CSS tricks to create white text on a white background.
  • Don't stuff Keywords on the page. Adding 'XMem XMem XMem XMem XMem XMem' will not help your pages rank.
  • Don't spam blogs, forums or guestbook comments to obtain inbound links.
  • Don't buy links from 3rd parties that claim they boost traffic to your page.

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