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Flickr is the best sharing and online photo management application in the world. It allows showing off your preferred videos and photos to the world. FlickrFaves refers to the small utility that allows downloading versions of high resolution of your flickr faves (favourites) to your hard drive. Flickr faves is written in Java and is a cross-platform utility.

There is no doubt that people are gripped with popularity and love to say things such as I get lots of views, traffic and favs. There is no doubt that everyone is delighted on receiving attention and receiving free flickr faves is an irresistible temptation, surpassing everything.
Here are some amazing tips to accumulate free flickr faves:

  • Take great pictures. Very importantly quality matters. if you really wish to receive free flickr faves, make your stuff valuable. Use photoshop and enhance your photos such that make it worth looking at.
  • One shot a day. Choose wisely and upload one shot a day. The numbers does not matter, but the quality matters. Upload the best shot. Your contacts on Flickr view the contacts photos, especially the last you have uploaded. Upload up to five shots in one upload and ensure they are the best.
  • Be liberal with favs. Learn to be liberal with the photos you like on flickr and ensure to fav it. It is simple and requires mere clicking on someone’s photo featuring a little star. Receiving free flickr faves means a lot as it counts to interestingness.
  • Specific time. Generally, flickr posting starts as the day comes to an end. Though specific time is not known, however posting early builds more traction for the interestingness stream to be considered. if you can post at 12:01 or a 11:59 at night.
  • Pass information. Inform your known circle, your family, friends, relatives, co-workers and also good strangers, you know about Flickr. Try to hook them and you will find them commenting regularly on your photos and enjoy free flickr faves.
  • Ensure contacts. Make sure you contact every contact back. It is a polite gesture and ensures you see your work and theirs. There is a mechanism that distinguishes family/friends and other contacts and filters accordingly. You must contact them by appreciating their photo. This ensures you retain contacts.

Acquiring free flickr faves means staying online, appreciating others photos with faves and encouraging your friends photo blogs. post group photos, tag them and you will not go unnoticed.

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