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ReverbNation is an online distribution and networking site for musicians who do not have a publishing or label to release their music. ReverbNation has tools and they can be used to upload songs. It can also be used to create a widget that is flash based to embed on your site.

People can listen to your music and show up on your website or even join your mailing list or share your music. ReverbNation is effective if your ReverbNation profile is effective and you get to access the widgets ensuring free ReverbNation fans.

Coming to the fact, people have free Instagram followers, free Facebook likes, free Twitter followers, free YouTube subscribers, and free TikTok followers, but ReverbNation is a social network that is outstanding as it targets the music industry audience and professionals. Especially, it is of paramount use to people working in the independent music scene.

The professionals from this industry thrive on social networks that are popular and it is also tough using ReverbNation to get discovered soon by specific audience. ReverbNation is a site offering digital distribution, concert promotion and booking fan relationship management, web promotion, sentiment tracking and web hosting. To get popularity, like all other social sites you need free ReverbNation fans and here are some valuable hints.

  • Profile: Your profile should display basically everything about you, the sounds you like, your played songs, your manager and what you are dedicated about the shows, the blogs and videos.
  • Reviews: This site features reviews that users can rate. You can get a feel of your music rate by allowing people to gauge your music potential in the market so that it brings free ReverbNation fans.
free ReverbNation fans

Benefit from ReverbNation

Email Newsletters: This is the best, though it is underrated. This feature is the best to reach your fans. You can update your new releases, photos and tour dates; thereby develop your fan base.

Promotions: Choose target ads in places where music lovers hang out such as YouTube, Pandora and Facebook. Set up a song campaign and ensure you are recognized.

Tips to set your song in ReverbNation

  • The song you decide to promote should grab the listeners within 5-10 seconds.
  • Consider artists having between 50,000 and 500,000 likes to work the best. Their popularity is sure to work the best for you and to bring free ReverbNation fans.

Be ready to give free downloads of your songs to the fan’s email address and permission. It is understandable that giving away without any money in return is difficult, besides the song is a personal product involving emotional investment and great effort. the very thought of giving for free is heart-breaking, but for free ReverbNation fans numbers, get ready to trade in exchange.

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