Free YouTube Subscribes - Help

On this page you can find the detailed description on how to earn 100% free YouTube Subscribes.

Higher the YouTube Subscribe number = Better overall YouTube rank.

Step 1. - Log in to your YouTube User/Channel Account

Login to your YouTube User/Channel account.

Step 2. - Navigate to YouTube Subscribes Page

Earn YouTube Subscribe Page

Go to Free Credits and the drop down menu will appear. From drop down menu select YouTube Subscribes feature.

Step 3. - Click on the Subscribe button

Subscribe Button

Active task will be displayed with amount of credits which you can earn. By clicking on the "Subscribe" button the pop-up window will appear with newly opened YouTube Page for you to Subscribe.

Step 4. - Subscribe to the YouTube task

YouTube Subscribe

Wait for the window to fully load, and Subscribe to the newly opened YouTube Page.

After you have Subscribed to the Page, wait approximately 2-3 seconds and close the pop-up window.

Step 5. - Manually close the PopUp window

Close the PopUp window

Manually close the YouTube Page.

If you do not manually close the YouTube Page in 30 seconds our system will not award your user account with credit.

Step 6 - Click on Confirm button

Confirm button

Click on Confirm button and our system will recognized the Subscribe action and you will get credits.


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