How to increase your Search Engine Ranking Position with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

How to increase your Search Engine Ranking Position!

How to increase your SERP

Are your social efforts aligned, does social media impact SEO? This is a common question among marketers and most are not clear regarding the SEO impact on the social media.

Having a popular website alone is not enough; basically it should have good contents. Nevertheless, if you expect better search engine results, there is a need to consider social media impact and influence.

Earlier SEO revolved around using right keywords and the authoritative sites linking your contents through the links. However, with the emergence of social media, everything has changed. Now search engines incorporate social signals such as Google Plus, Twitter Tweets, Facebook comments or likes, Instagram likes and so on to inform search results. Thus the social media has become critical for seo.

Google has come with a smarter way of measuring website popularity. If you are looking for more clarity on social media and seo, you must understand how it works together. There are ways to discovery your traffic and increase relevancy to your social profiles and they are as:

  • Specify in your social profile links and markup the code on your website. Include links to your company’s emails social profiles.
  • Link each social profile to all other social media sites such as Facebook shares, Google plus and Pinterest Likes so that they bring to notice all your social profile links.
  • Link from third-party sites or profiles to your social profiles, do as much as possible, from that you can control, using even a slideshare.net profile.

Optimizing the popular and extensively used social profiles is really helpful. Here are some of the highly prominent and recommended social media profiles.

General Tips

Improve Your Social Media Organic Reach

These tips are applicable to all the social media accounts:

  • Branding. Ascertain your profile has images of high-quality branding.
  • Updates. Ascertain the updates are done on a regular basis so that you account does not look abandoned. Post updates and above it space out promotional messages such that you maintain a conversational tone.
  • Complete Profile. Almost every social account has place to include content, links or helpful information. Ascertain you fill all relevant fields and offer the best information.  A stronger profile is sure to appear on the search engines.

Increase SERP with Facebook

  • Branding. Set your profile featuring relevant images. Add variety in photos informing about you and your work.
  • Updates. Update the profile regularly, at least once per day. Leverage appropriate hashtags.
  • Populate Page Info. The profile section must be populated with best content possible. Include your awards, mission, history, services, etc, the more, the better. Use custom tabs highlighting contents and include feeds of other social media profiles such as Pinterest Likes, Twitter Tweets, Pinterest Pins or Facebook Shares.

Increase SERP with Twitter

  • Branding. Twitter also requires a perfect profile picture, a header image and profile page in a background color. Choose colors and customize it such that all the images and colors are on your brand.
  • Updates. Update three to four time a day. Leverage using hashtags so that it aggregates the Twitter tweets and you can be seen in Google search or Google Plus.
  • Content. Incorporate different types of media such as videos, photos and Twitter tweets.

Increase SERP with Pinterest

  • Branding. Pinterest requires a small branded profile image, so choose that appears as a logo in small size. Confirm with Pinterest your company website, so that you can add your logo to Pinterest Pins from your site.
  • Boards. Develop relevant boards making the profile content-heavy. Pinterest Pins descriptions on the board should be SEO. Add descriptions adding value to users and so ensure the content is heavy.

Increase SERP with LinkedIn

  • Branding. Profiles in LinkedIn allow uploading a banner image and a company logo.
  • Content. Populate the profile on the home tab with sufficient relevant content, leverage the showcase pages.

Increase SERP with Instagram

  • Content. Leverage videos and images.
  • Descriptions. Add descriptions to your videos and images, definitely use hashtags.

SEO and social media both are important and go hand-in-hand. Now you are aware of its importance, see how you can align social media and SEO together with these practices and increase SERP, the search engine ranking position

Improve Your Social Media Organic Reach

Improve Your Social Media Organic Reach

#1: Broadcast Content of High-Quality

Yes, content is the king and so get that right. A strong foundation is essential to see the success of SEO.  Content is a SEO intelligent strategy, but you cannot push contents because Google considers Quality than quantity to search traffic. You must understand why quality plays an important role to SEO and how the strategy goes beyond link-building with social sites with keyword optimization.

#2: Have Easy Social Sharing

Allow easy sharing of contents on Facebook Likes, Pinterest Pins, Twitter tweets and Google Plus, Instagram likes, Facebook comments and many more networks connecting you o the wider social web. This is very helpful as it takes your message to reach potentially to thousands and your content gets shared quickly. Customize social share buttons to promote traffic by using the share buttons for Twitter tweets, Google plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest Pins and Facebook shares using your own links to the website. Distribute your posts, ask people to share their comments and promote page traffic, thus promote content to reach new audiences.

#3: Promote Your Images and Profiles

Blog continuously for some time and the images will work as a robust SEO magnet. Though, written contents have strength, images also impact SEO to a great extent and help optimization, so concentrate on images as well. Ensure to create an impact in search engines through visibility that your images develop a must-read attitude. Optimize your images using WordPress plugins and acquire exposure in Google Plus, Facebook Shares, Pinterest Pins and Twitter Tweets. Thus you can find your profile stays rightly connected and you can improve SERP with social media.

#4: Remember Google Plus Authorship

The most important feature of Google plus is its authorship that allows authors picture to appear with the content. The SEO future is to improve search ranking and thus develop as a leader of your brand. Give a face to that you do and improve SERP. Initially, you may face hurdles, overcome it and find new ways to establish this authorship and improve SERP with social media.

#5: Quantify Social Media Performance

Quantify the performance in social media sites and analyze your efforts in promoting SEO. Focus on things that matters use social media to generate leads, increase brand awareness and drive sales.  Determining is tricky, but quantifying the impact is mind-boggling. It will inform you where you stand and promote you into thinking what to do next.

Google's update on Penguin algorithm is a change of design helping to eliminate spam. Google has heightened its focus to give the best and right contents to its readers or viewers. The main aim is to minimize SEO impact by eliminating:

  • Over optimization on-page
  • Low quality website backlinks
  • SEO techniques or Black hat

Digital marketing today is focussing to be “natural.” Ideally, your site is expected to acquire links naturally. The key is to broadcast high-quality contents and to share on social media naturally. Make the backlinks harder to get in the natural search so that you really rank well.

Social websites are the future content marketing pieces. Identify potential topics, pay attention to search results, produce quality content, avoid outbound links and promote your posts to get audience appeal.


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